Common Browntop Bent | Agrostis species

Common Browntop Bent Grass | Agrostis species

A fine bristle, densely creeping  grass suitable for close mowing and used on golf tees, bowling greens and ornamental lawns. Also tolerant of drought and disease.

Why do we use this in our Lawn Seed Mixtures?

  • Type of growth:                                         short rhizomes spreading sideways
  • Creeping habit for density:                      good
  • Turf binding for stability:                          medium
  • Self-repair and wear tolerance:               medium
  • Disease tolerance:                                      good
  • Drought tolerance:                                     good
  • Shade tolerance:                                         medium
  • Growth rate:                                                medium slow
  • Where used:                                                ornamental lawns, golf & bowling greens
  • Leaf type                                                      bristle
  • Ideal mowing height                                  5 to 12mm
  • Ideal pH:                                                      4 to 6
  • Germination:                                              slow 14-20 days @ 10 degrees or more