The Best Lawn Fertiliser Spreader

The Best Lawn Fertiliser Spreader

You may or may not have used a lawn feed or seed spreader before. I have used them all and understand the problems people have to contend with when using them. This is one of the biggest reasons people have difficulty with lawn care!

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a reliable, light, quick and simple lawn fertiliser spreader that works everywhere all of the time regardless of size or topography without having to become an expert. If you need the perfect idiot proof lawn fertiliser spreader for any and all applications this is it. It is a modern version of the grass seed fiddle spreader used throughout the world:-

The Shoulder or Bag Spreader

Fertiliser and seed shoulder spreader.
Earthway Super Shoulder Fertiliser Spreader

I used mine on areas from 20 to 2000 square metres every day of the week! Just sling it over your shoulder and go!

  • Great as a lawn grass seed spreader
  • Easy to use around shrubberies, trees and play frames
  • No cumbersome wheels and super light
  • No pushing up slopes or risk of tipping on steps
  • It won’t and can’t ‘dump’ on the lawn
  • Easy to control ‘on and off’
  • No stripes or problems with straight lines
  • Great in tight corners
  • Works on the same principle as a spinning or broadcast spreader
  • Only needs a rinse after use
  • Stores on a shelf or hangs on a hook
  • Video instructions on how to use it
  • Comes with accurate settings so you put the right amount on
  • It’ll last for years and isn’t that expensive

Product and Usage Videos