Creating New Lawn

Whether you’re after a play lawn or bowling green everyone will follow similar procedures and methods, though the enthusiast may take two or three times longer over it! Do it right and it'll be easy to maintain; cut corners and you'll regret it!

seed v turf
Seed vs Turf
The range of types of grass is generally far greater with grass seed than turf thus allowing you to have exactly the right type of lawn for your needs
turf and see quality
Turf & Seed Quality
The freshness of garden turf or lawn grass seed can be checked quite easily. Be careful with so called luxury garden turf - it may not mean what you think it does!
seed and turf quantities
Seed & Turf Quantities
Garden turf is not cheap so you need to measure accurately. With grass seed being so much cheaper you can afford to be generous when sowing a lawn from seed
preparing the seedbed
Preparing the Ground
Proper preparation of the ground for a new lawn will reward you with years of problem free lawn care, easier mowing and a beautiful healthy lawn
play lawns ornamental lawns
Play Lawns to Ornamental Lawns
Matching use to seed type is critical. There are play lawns, ornamental lawns, and plenty in between so we try to make the choice as simple as possible
planning a new lawn
Planning the New Lawn
If you get this part right the grass will be easier to maintain and cause fewer lawn care problems. Timing is also important when sowing grass seed or laying turf
watering grass seed
How to Water Grass Seed
Watering grass seed is quite different from the way you would water a lawn. The golden rule is never let the seed dry out so frequent light watering is needed.
sowing grass seed
How to Sow Grass Seed
When you plant grass seed do it correctly and at the best time of year to ensure success. Moisture, warmth and fertiliser are the essentials.
laying turf
How to Lay Turf
When you are laying turf do it methodically and at the best time of year to ensure success. Start by rolling out and laying the first row of turf grass to form your border.
grass seed germination
All about Grass Seed Germination
Planting and growing a lawn from grass seed requires warmth, moisture and air to ensure success. Learn what's needed for a great lawn in quick order.
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