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Coronavirus Advice

Out of Stock

Due to the interruptions to the worldwide supply chain some products are taking longer to arrive in the UK than usual. This means occasional out of stock notices. To help we list below our best estimate for having items back in stock:

  • Extra-Long Fertiliser      Expected October
  • Ant Sachets                  Expected June
  • Spreaders                     In Stock 8.6.20
  • Goggles                        Unknown
  • Resolva Liquid Shots     Early July
  • Resolva Concentrate     w/c 8th June


Currently, we are dispatching within 2 to 3 working days of the order being placed. This will increase where there is a bank holiday in the week.

Due to the volume of online business our carrier DPD is sometimes taking more than a day to deliver. In addition, even though we have a collection booked for your order, sometimes it is not collected. This means you get a notification to say your goods are on the way but when you check it says there are no parcels. This is because they are yet to be scanned. Slightly confusing so please be patient as it all comes good in the end.

Postal deliveries are also impacted with Royal Mail taking up to 5 days to deliver.

Note: When ordering please ensure a correct address as retrieving incorrectly addressed parcels or those sent to a closed business will be your responsibility.

How to contact us

Unfortunately, we no longer have the time or staff to answer the phone. Please contact us as follows:

Our technical advisors Bill and Roy are on a home working schedule. Technical or lawncare questions should be emailed to

For anything else email

If you don't have access to email please leave a message on 01924 256000 and we will return your call quite possibly in the evening.

Statement from our carrier DPD

The pick-up drop shop service is no longer in operation.

For customers taking delivery in person:

With immediate effect, we will no longer ask customers to sign our handheld units and instead our drivers will sign it on their behalf. We will record the consignees name and a 'Delivered on Authority' message in the signature section of the unit.

If goods are to be left with a neighbour the same rule applies and if you have a safe place to leave your order this will be done as usual.

Customers can now leave a note on their front door telling us where to leave their parcel and our drivers will take a photo.

To be more informed about your delivery it may be a good idea to install the DPD app on your smartphone here


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