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The first grass cut of the year

the first grass cutIt’s a little early in most parts of the country to be getting stuck into the lawn with spring renovation but you may well need to mow the grass.

Mowing the lawn in the right conditions, at the right height and frequency are always important but the first few cuts are even more important because the grass is not yet growing steadily so the potential for damage is greater.

First check the mower. It needs to be running effiiciently with clean sharp blades; if not get it sorted now before the grass grows rapidly and the mower service centres are too busy to help.

Now, put it on the highest setting and check the lawn. It’s likely to be driest on a windy afternoon so that’s your target. Mow slower than normal, it may be slightly bumpy from frost and worm casts but that will soon settle or get the roller out. Be careful with the turns as this is where most damage occurs. Go to mowing the lawn for more advice on how to improve the lawn by mowing correctly.

Once done give the mower a good clean and let it dry. It’s also a good idea to check the lawn for moss now you’ve removed some grass. Does it need a moss treatment?

For other lawn care treatments in March go to the March Lawn Diary

Britain’s Best Lawn


Last year Paul Davies, one of our customers, entered the Briggs and Stratton ‘Britain’s Best Lawn 2014’ competition and pulled off a well deserved win.

Your votes together with Lawnsmith Fertiliser will have certainly helped but when you read the story of his lawn you’ll realise how much hard work, time and planning went into his love affair with grass.

We moved in in May 2004 and the main lawn was in poor condition; pretty much a mown meadow.

In 2006 we started to reshape and extend the lawn. Scarification, levelling and overseeding to try to improve condition. Biggest problem was bumps, trenches and hollows after many years of mole activity and general inattention.

Though it looked nice and green it was actually full of clover. About half a tonne of biomass coming off with every cut!

By October 2010 I finally gave up with the Main Lawn surface and decided to take drastic action. Extreme scarification to knock back the existing sward and overlaying with 2-3 inches of good quality topsoil from elsewhere in the garden. This all caused general panic given that my wife had just committed to opening for the NGS the following July!

Lawnsmith Comment: It can be quite risky overlaying soil on to existing turf so if this is in your plans make sure you do as Paul did and scarify heavily and add a good layer of top soil.

With a sigh of relief all round by June 2011 and just before our first NGS Opening all came good. Hopefully worth all the effort!

Since then we have maintained a regime of scarification and regular mowing which has also resulted in us being Runner-up in the 2012 Daily Telegraph “Most Creatively Mown Lawn” competition.

We switched to Lawnsmith Fertiliser in 2014 as our target was the Briggs & Stratton ‘Britain’s Best Lawn’. It certainly helped and here we are today with a beautiful lawn, a lot of enjoyment plus the recognition of winning this coveted prize.

Our New Website

Launched November 2014

We are very pleased to unveil our new website. It’s been hard work and we wish to thank James, Ian and Jan at Voracio for making it happen.

For registered members please check your address details as we’ve now enabled your account to store different delivery and billing addresses.

Finally, we have checked and re-checked everything but it is all too easy to miss something so if you find any issues, problems or broken links do let us know. Copy down the URL (that’s the bit in the address bar and should start and tell us what the problem is. Send to

Thank you.

Dry for some

Watering-lawnIt can be difficult keeping track of the varying lawn conditions up and down the country. Certainly Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland appear to have plenty of rain with many parts of England (and even Wales) suffering from dry conditions.

If you’re a gardener, or Lawnsmith, you learn to love rain so we, here in Yorkshire are quite envious of those with liquid sunshine. Anyway, plenty of time for it to change and in the meantime, if your lawn is suffering slightly from a lack of rain then read the latest lawn alert.


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