Home Defence Antstop Granules - Safe for Lawns

Key Features
Fast acting contact ant and crawling insect poison
Kills ants in the lawn, patio, paths and decking
Contains spinosad

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  • Effective for up to 1 month after application
  • Easy to use - no dust, less mess
  • Kills ants
  • Kills the nest and forms a long lasting tangible barrier
  • Attractive to ants giving effective control
  • Leaves no unsightly white powders
  • Pack contains 300grams
  • Will treat up to 15 nests
  • In very dry or wet conditions re-application may be required

Tip 1: Ants will often be in both the lawn and path. These are best dealt with at the same time and quickly. Use Ant Bait Stations afterwards as a preventative.

Tip 2: Ants and ant hills are often more noticeable during dry weather which compromises penetration of chemicals. In addition, the ant hill soil can be slightly water repellent. Therefore, use the product in it's dry form initially.

Tip 3: Treat the anthill a few days before hand with a wetting agent to aid penetration of the ant killer solution. Use Yucca Wetta

Always read the label and use pesticides safely


Lawn Safety after Treatment
Pets that eat grass/weeds to be kept off for 3 cuts, None hazardous for children, dogs and cats once dry,
Product Type
Pest & Disease

Customer reviews

4.5 / 5
2 reviews for Home Defence Antstop Granules - Safe for Lawns
eKomi customer reviews
Robert Tuke
Goodbye my ant friends
Rated 5 out of 5
Michael Grimshaw
To eliminate ants nests in lawn - looks like a good natural product, will provide clear feedback if and when nests are gone.
Rated 4 out of 5