Aeration and de-compaction reverses the lawns natural settling process enabling the soil to provide a healthy supply of air and water to the grass. It is one of the most beneficial things you can do for the lawn.

  • Symptoms of Compaction
    Aeration & Equipment

    Symptoms of Compaction

    Apart from a hard lawn surface your grass may have  thatch, dry quickly, grow unevenly or in patches or have other symptoms of compaction and poor aeration

  • What is Lawn Aeration
    Aeration & Equipment

    What is Lawn Aeration

    Aerating is the procedure of getting air into the lawn soil. De-compaction is relieving the pressure between soil particles so they are less dense

  • Lawn Aerators, Sandals & Spikers
    Aeration & Equipment

    Lawn Aerators, Sandals & Spikers

    Whether you use a hand tool, garden fork, aerator shoes or a machine there are simple ways to aerate your grass regardless of how large your lawn is

  • Hollow Tine Aerator
    Aeration & Equipment

    Hollow Tine Aerator

    De-compacting equipment removes a plug or core of soil from the lawn thus improving aeration and drainage and reducing compaction

  • When to Aerate the Lawn
    Aeration & Equipment

    When to Aerate the Lawn

    You need to use different aeration equipment on your lawn throughout the year. Hollow tining is best in autumn whilst spiking is best in the spring and summer

  • How to Aerate the Lawn
    Aeration & Equipment

    How to Aerate the Lawn

    How to make the most out of hollow tine aeration, spiking and slitting to improve compacted lawns, foot paths and play areas