What Lawn Fertiliser is Pet Friendly?

What Lawn Fertiliser is Pet Friendly?

Let’s start by stating two very important points:

  • Any fertiliser in the bag if eaten in quantity can be harmful so store out of reach of children and pets
  • You know your pet better than anybody else so if it does have some idiosyncrasies that could cause it harm then think twice before applying fertiliser or allowing it on the lawn

The following is primarily for dogs and cats. See ‘Grazing Pets' at the bottom of the page for the other most common pets.

Degrees of Safety of Lawn Fertiliser

Organic Products

These are very few and far between and generally not great at feeding the lawn but we would consider these to be very safe.

Just Fertiliser – No Weed Killer

Pretty much all fertiliser by itself is none toxic so safe. For all intents and purposes, they are mineral salts and at worst will sting if in contact with a cut. Due to their pelleted nature they also have a limited surface area for contact and settle deep into the turf pretty much out of reach. All but two of the Lawnsmith Fertiliser range fit in this category. The two that don’t both contain iron only, not pesticide.

Fertiliser with Iron

Still very safe, however, the iron salt aka ferrous sulphate, though hardly dangerous in the quantities likely to be applied to the lawn will stain paws whilst active:

  • Lawnsmith Green-up Ferrous Sulphate will stain for up to 24 hours
  • Lawnsmith Winter Green may stain for up to 3 days in damp conditions

Fertiliser with Weed Killer

These are usually fine powdery products and often known as weed and feed, after-cut or 4 in 1. The instructions on the pack usually state to keep pets off for 3 days until watered in due to the pesticide content. Use with a high degree of caution and adherence to the instructions to maximise safety.

Lawnsmith fertilisers do not contain any weed killer.

Liquid Fertiliser

If this is just fertiliser, without iron or pesticide it should be contact safe once dry.

Dogs and Cats do like to Munch on Grass Leaves

If this is the case then stay away from liquid feed or feed that needs to be watered in. Both of these will leave a residue on the leaf that may cause a stomach upset.

Use plain fertiliser without additives that are granular or pelleted, not powdery. These settle well down into the turf once applied, are generally not very noticeable and hardly likely to be hoovered up by your pet wanting to settle its tum with a few grass leaves. All Lawnsmith granular fertilisers fit into this category.

Grazing Pets

  • Guinea pigs and rabbits
  • Hens, ducks and geese
  • Tortoises

Any pet that forages at soil level or feeds on grass and weeds should be kept off for at least 3 cuts after a fertiliser application.