Lawn Care Experts

Tips for Green Grass

  • Always apply fertiliser at the recommended rate range for best results
  • Apply straight after mowing if possible
  • Apply at least 3 days before the next cut
  • Put a third less fertiliser on grass in shady areas
  • There should be moisture available in the soil
  • Never apply granular or liquid feed on parched lawns
  • If it’s a dry period wait until AFTER a good down pour
  • Eye protection is advised as fertiliser can ricochet off hard objects
  • Never fill the fertiliser spreader on the lawn
  • The best time for weed control is 10 to 20 days after fertilising your lawn
  • Overlap spreading gives best results
  • Fertilisers can burn the lawn if applied unevenly so don’t buy a cheap spreader or you’ll have to buy a new lawn!

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