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Everything you need for a great lawn

Everything you need for a great lawn

*The above Lawn Care Products are available in the Lawnsmith Shop and discussed below:


The professionals don’t use combined ‘weed and feed’ fertiliser products containing pesticides or weed killers. They use a quality grass fertiliser and a separate weed killer or pesticide. At Lawnsmith we feel the same way so all Lawnsmith® Fertiliser is free of harmful pesticides and unless you are using our WINTER GREEN High Iron Lawn Feed you'll get no staining of hard surfaces:

The FERTILISING benefits are:

  • Wider choice: some lawn fertilisers work for up to 6 months from only one application!
  • Can use the lawn immediately after application
  • Safe for pets, plants and kids
  • Used correctly they won’t cause fertiliser burn or scorch the grass
  • Don’t need watering in if applied correctly
  • Are far less likely to clog in the fertiliser spreader
  • Have much greater safety and margin for error
  • Makes spreading lawn fertilisers a doddle
  • Can be used in all shoulder, broadcast and drop spreaders
  • Kept correctly in a sealed container they will keep for many years

The WEED CONTROL benefits are:

  • It’s safer, it works and it costs less!
  • Weed killer quantities can be easily controlled
  • You only use weedkiller when you need it
  • For areas up to 300 metres square all you need is a watering can
  • You can ‘spot spray’ occasional weeds with a spot weed killer 
  • Properly used this method can reduce pesticide input by over 90%
  • Can achieve 99% control with our recommended weed killers
  • Used sensibly it is the best way to make lawn care child and pet safe

See Weed Control for Novices, Amateurs or Enthusiasts for practical tips and guidelines

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