Iron Sulphate: For a Greener Lawn

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The grass can be greener on your side!

The grass can be greener on your side!

Ferrous Sulphate | Found in Lawn Moss Killer

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Iron Sulphate A.K.A. Ferrous Sulphate, Ferrous Sulfate, Sulphate of Iron or Soluble Iron*

Most lawn fertiliser products will contain nitrogen and potassium with phosphate coming in a close third. However, a few other elements are also required by the grass in micro or trace amounts. These are chlorine, boron, iron, manganese, zinc, copper and molybdenum.

It is very rare for soils other than extremely poor sandy soils to be deficient in these elements. Of them all, iron is perhaps the main one that you will add in the form of iron sulphate. This is beneficial as a green-up or as a cool weather turf hardener; toughening the plant to resist disease.

As a component of chlorophyll it imparts a dark green colour to the lawn so is very useful in cool weather when colour is more important than growth. However, only apply when ground moisture is available and keep the dose on the light side in the summer to prevent grass burn.

The benefits of iron sulphate:

  • Liquid application for adsorption through the leaves
  • Hardens the grass against potential disease
  • Component of chlorophyll so has a deep greening effect
  • Sulphur helps in plant functions and cold resistance
  • Slightly acidic promoting fine grass over coarse grass species
  • Acidity may reduce worm activity for a few weeks
  • It is the main component of moss killer so will readily blacken moss
  • It can check many broadleaf weeds

A little caution:

  • Transient damage to grass if applied in dry conditions
  • Stains hard surfaces so can only be applied on turf
  • Transient damage or staining to your garden plants so watch where you spray

In summary, used correctly, iron sulphate is damn good stuff!

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